Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a dominant topic in the news and in each of our workplaces. Safeguard wants to provide you with up-to-date communications on how we are ensuring our ability to meet your needs during this challenging time. As necessary, we will provide additional updates to this page.


Last Updated: April 1, 2020


Message from Safeguard’s President
To learn about how we are responding to the current situation, read the letter from Safeguard’s President, Mark Byers.


Shipping Update
To avoid delays, we ask that you please route the shipment of your purchases to an address where delivery confirmation can be signed off on, instead of using a business address that might be subject to a temporary closure. Please do not hesitate to contact your Safeguard advisor if you have questions about your order status.


Access Account Information
In addition to reaching out to your Safeguard advisor, you can access important account information by registering for an online account. An online account allows you to:

  • Enroll in electronic billing (eBilling)
  • Pay invoices online
  • Check order status and history
  • Send reorder requests to your advisor
  • Track UPS shipment orders
  • Print invoices and check account balance


Six COVID-19 Scams
Identity thieves are playing on the fears of individuals around the world as coverage regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak increases. Fraudsters are exploiting the opportunity to steal the Personal Identifiable Information (PII), financial information, and even more information, of those looking for knowledge, protection, and treatment for the viral infection. Learn the six scams designed to manipulate our fears in order to steal money, personal, and business information.


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